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Photo of a selection of CheesesThe Agri-business sector continues to be Kilkenny's biggest industries. Glanbia Plc has its headquarters in Kilkenny and in 2001 had a turnover of €2625.1 Million and profits of €93.2 million. The group is one of the world's biggest cheese manufactures.

It hold strategic positions in the US American Cheese sector and the European pizza cheese market and is a key player in the consumer dairy and meat products in the UK and Ireland.


Kilkenny recognises the importance of attracting to Kilkenny Knowledge based industries and over the last two year a number of international IT and financial companies have established centres in the Kilkenny Business Park.
Image of Kilkenny Business Park

Presently An IT Enterprise Centre is being developed in the Maltings and the Kilkenny Quays project incorporates the re-development of a 24 acres site for both residential and industrial development.

Photo of Market Cross Shopping CentreThe service industries and retail are a major employer in the city with an estimated 46% of the workforce employed in these sectors. Kilkenny city has a number of shopping complexes as well as departments stores gift shops and quality boutiques.


The legacy of the former Woollen Mills has made textiles an important industry in Abstract Image of SwirlsKilkenny and the astonishing development of crafts and design spearheaded by Kilkenny Design Workshops has left its mark in the numbers of craft and craft related businesses. There are approx 60-70 Craft enterprises based in Kilkenny. Some these enterprises are listed on pour crafts portal

Kilkenny is also home to a number of large engineering companies, electronic and information technology companies
Image of Duggan Steel Factory
The Kilkenny County Enterprise Board was established in 1993 as part of the provides a range of services and supports to facilitate the establishment, growth and development of the micro-enterprise sector in both the city and the county.


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