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Famous Landmarks

Kilkenny Castle

One of the most instantly recognised buildings in Ireland, Kilkenny Castle has been an important site since Strongbow constructed the first castle, probably a wooden structure, in the 12th century. William the Earl Marshall...

Shee Alms House

The Shees were a wealthy merchant family in Kilkenny in the sixteenth century much like the Rothes who built Rothe House. In 1582, Sir Richard Shee founded the alms house 'to accommodate twelve poor persons'.

Rothe House

In 1594, when the Italian Renaissance was at its height,a wealthy merchant called John Rothe, built this magnificent Tudor mansions. Second and third generation houses were built around the cobbled courtyards and a well datin...

The Four Parishes of the City

At the time of the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland, there were four parochial churches in Kilkenny - Saint Kenny's (St.Canice's), Saint Patrick's, Saint Mel's and Saint Riock's. Saint Kenny's was the cathedral church of Osso...

The Tholsel

With its lantern clock tower and 'Big Ben' chime, the Tholsel is a distinctive image of Kilkenny. Built in 1761, the double five arch arcade was used as a covered market place.

The Black Abbey

Founded by William Marshall the Younger, for the Dominican Friars in 1225, the Black Abbey was at the centre of civic life in Kilkenny for centuries.

St.Canice's Cathederal

Ireland's second largest medieval cathedral was established by St.Canice as a monastic settlement in the 6th century

The Hole in the Wall

Originally a Tudor building, The Hole in the Wall behind High Street was, between about 1750 and 1850, one of Ireland's more renowned supper-houses, with many distinguished visitors imbibing the locally brewed ale and carousi...

Woolen Mills on the Nore

In 1880 there was a revival of the woollen industry in Kilkenny and by 1885 the following firms were trading near Green's Bridge- Stephen Archibold, Charles Comerford and John Bibby.

The Bridges of Kilkenny

Greensbridge, known as the 'Great Bridge of Kilkenny' was originally built before 1200. In 1487 the bridge was swept away by a great flood. The bridge was rebuilt but again fell victim to a deluge in 1763, which also carried ...

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