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Political History

Kilkenny History 1208-Present

1208 Charter by William the Earl Marshall to attract immigrants and create trade in Kilkenny.

1293 First parliament in Kilkenny during medieval times.

1295 - 1365 12 parliaments sat in Kilkenny.

1366 Statutes of Kilkenny were enacted through a parliament held by Lionel, Duke of Clarence. The English Settlers had adopted many of the Irish customs and practices. To redress this balance, severe laws were imposed on settlers, in the form of imprisonment, land forfeiture and sometimes death, if they were found speaking the Irish Language, intermarrying, using an Irish name or wearing Irish clothes. Within the pale no person of Irish blood could reside and the monasteries refused to accept any Irish youth as a novice.

1371-1372 Parliament in Kilkenny.

1375 Parliament held by King Richard II in person.Painting of King Richard the second

1399 King Richard II confirms charter granted to Kilkenny by William the Earl Marshall.

Painting of King James the first1609 Kilkenny granted its charter by King James I, constituting it as a city. The charter amalgamates Hightown and Irishtown into a Mayoralty.


1642 First meeting of the Catholic Confederation Parliament in Kilkenny - remained in session until its break-up in 1648.

1650 March 22nd Oliver Cromwell arrives in Kilkenny. Most families involved with the Confederation transplanted to Connaught.

1650 March 28th Colonel Axtell appointed Governor of Kilkenny by Cromwell

Painting of King James the Second1687 Charter of James II revokes the Charter of James I creating the City and County of Kilkenny.

1690 Charter of William III restoring the Charter of James I .

1798 Kilkenny under martial law in the year of the United Irishmen uprising, with Colonel Agall in supreme command.

1835 Patent of William IV creating four additional fairs in the city.

1839 Election of the Board of Guardians of the Kilkenny Poor Law Union.

1846 Patent of Queen Victoria, granting twelve additional fairs in the city.

1862 Patent of Victoria, giving power to the Mayor, Aldermen and Painting of King Edward the SeventhBurgesses of the Borough to hold monthly fairs.

1904 Visit of King Edward VII to Kilkenny.

1923 Kilkenny Castle occupied by Anti-Treaty (IRA) forces.

1998 Kilkenny City Labour TD (member of the Dail - Irish Parliament) Photo of Newt GingrichSeamus Pattison appointed Ceann Comhairle (Speaker of the House). Speaker of US House, Newt Gingrich visits Kilkenny with Dail Ceann Comhairle Seamus Pattison.



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