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Local Government

Local Government

Kilkenny Borough Council

Kilkenny Borough Council The Corporation whose council chamber lies over the arches of the Tholsel in High Street, first received its city charter from James I in 1609. Since then there has been the council of twelve; a Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors who make decisions on planning, services, roads, sanitation and housing funded by rates.

Kilkenny Civic Trust

This is an amalgam of local authorities and local businesses that provides funding for major projects of a civic nature including Butler House and Scanlan Park (outdoor running track and all-weather football pitches). It evolved from the forward-thinking ideas of the Kilkenny Design Workshops who were at the vanguard of maintaining the heritage ethos of the city for the community at large.

Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce

The chamber is an organisation run by the business community of the city to promote the interests of traders and business-people. In conjunction with Kilkenny County Enterprise Board and the Kilkenny People Group they established the innovative Kilkenny for Excellence Awards in 1996.

Kilkenny Marketing Strategy Committee

Like the Kilkenny Civic Trust group, the Kilkenny Marketing Strategy group is made up of a broad spectrum of interests - industry, local government and the Enterprise Board. The purpose of the marketing strategy is to cross-promote Kilkenny as a destination for tourism and inward investment through the development of a single coherent image of Kilkenny that is instantly recognisable. To this end a logo has been developed and a library of photographs is being established.

Kilkenny County Library

Kilkenny County Library Kilkenny County Library Service is open to everyone and as part of the global library network, it aims to provide its members with unlimited access to the sources of culture and knowledge. Library services are developed with the aim of offering the citizens of Kilkenny the stimuli needed for active enjoyment of the community, as well as providing opportunities for enjoyment. Opened in 1910, the picturesque city library on John's Quay and the branch in Loughboy in the city are now poised for major developments to bring them up to speed with the latest information technology so they can give access to the information superhighways in a friendly, apolitical, open-door atmosphere. The libraries at John's Quay and Loughboy have over 6,000 members currently - over one third the population of Kilkenny city and environs.

Garda Siochana

Garda Siochána The Police Regional headquarters are based at Dominic Street Barracks in the city.

Kilkenny Fire Brigade

Kilkenny Fire Brigade The new state-of-the-art purpose -built station at Gaol Road in the city is the headquarters of the Fire Brigade for the county.

BNS LogoBNS Leader


BNS This is the regional base for Leader covering the South Eastern river valleys of the Barrow, the Nore and the Suir. BNS Ltd. is responsible for administering EU funding and grant aid.

Crafts Council of Ireland LogoCrafts Council of Ireland


The Crafts Council of Ireland develops and promotes Irish craft nationally and internationally. This is achieved through the following: an extensive range of skills training programmes, business development programmes in Kilkenny and on an outreach system. The council promotes through the Craft Council Retail Outlet at the Design yard, Templebar, Dublin, the annual crafts gift and fashion show at the RDS in Dublin each January, it also runs Contemporary Crafts on the broader markets clusters of craft businesses in Britain and further afield. The headquarters of the Crafts Council are located in Kilkenny.

Heritage Council LogoThe Heritage Council


The Heritage Council was established under the Heritage Act 1995 as an independent, state sponsored body which has a statutory responsibility to propose policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of the national heritage.

The headquarters are located in Kilkenny, and the three themes identified to guide its activities until the Year 2000 are : the collection of data, promoting pride in Ireland's heritage and proposing policy and providing advice. There is a total of 14 full-time staff in the Kilkenny office, offering expertise in key heritage areas.

Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Founded in 1982 the committee seeks to improve the environment of Kilkenny. The committee has completed many projects many projects over the years throughout the city to assist the enhancing the city environment.

The City has competed in the All Ireland Tidy towns Competition for many years and has consistently achieved high marks and many Awards in this competition.

The Committee also works with Local Authorities, Local Businesses and Community Groups undertaking many enhancement projects throughout the City. The Newpark Fen project has considerable local community interest and involvement and the KKB "Junior Committee" has been founded locally in the Newpark area creating an outlet for local children. The Fen project also featured in the ESB - CVI Community Environment Awards 2001.

Some of the competitions organized by the Committee include:
(i) Private and Commercial Gardens
(ii) Private and Commercial Hanging Baskets
(iii) Residential Areas Competition
(iv) School Competition
(v) Competition in relation to window boxes, shop fronts, industrial premises.

The prize giving for these events normally take place in early Autumn.
New members to the Committee are always welcome and meeting normally take place on the third Thursday of each month
@ 8pm at the City Hall.

Contact: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful Committee
C/O Honorary Secretary,Elaine Bradshaw,
No. 2 High Hayes Terrace,Kilkenny
Tel: 056 7722839 Fax: 056 7765309
E-mail : seanhayes@eircom.net
(Sean Hayes : 056 7721511)

Over the past twenty years Kilkenny has received numerous National Awards.

Kilkenny County Council

Kilkenny County Council Based in the former Kilkenny or John's College, the County Council administers local government for the County and also that part of the city across John's Bridge encompassing housing, roads, sanitary services, the arts and planning.

The Kilkenny County Development Board

The Kilkenny County Development Board is a new body that was established in 2000 with the aim of integrating and improving the delivery of all services to the citizens of Kilkenny. This is a government initiative which is being driven by the Minister for the Environment and Local Government.

The term "services" covers industrial development, local development, physical planning, education, health, social services, agriculture, environment, tourism, fisheries and other sectors.

Kilkenny County Enterprise Board

Kilkenny County Enterprise Board Founded in 1993 under the provisions of national legislation, Kilkenny County Enterprise Board promotes enterprise and development in Kilkenny City and County specifically to micro-enterprises employing less than 10 persons. It has to date been involved in the grant aiding of 218 projects, approved £1,803,108.00 and has created 320 full time jobs as well as establishing the business incubator unit in the Abbey Business Centre.

Kilkenny Tourism

Kilkenny Tourism was established in 1998 as the marketing organization to service the tourism needs in Kilkenny. Thie primary aim is to promote Kilkenny as an exciting and diverse premium tourist destination

A dynamic and progressive organisation, Kilkenny Tourism aims to capitalize on Kilkenny's natural advantages in order to attract conferences to Kilkenny, build the number of visitors to our beautiful county and encourage more visitors to enjoy Kilkenny throughout the year.

Kilkenny for Excellence

Founded in 1996, the Kilkenny for Excellence Awards were conceived to promote and reward the outstanding businesses that exist in Kilkenny. The awards are presented in Tourism, Manufacturing Industry, Retail and Service categories with a special award presented to a truly outstanding company or individual who has promoted the good reputation of Kilkenny commerce and industry through their own reputation.

James Stephens Army Barracks

Kilkenny Barracks is the headquarters of the 30th Infantry Battalion with between 300 and 400 personnel drawn from the Kilkenny area and up to 30 personnel serving overseas with the UN or EC Monitoring Missions in Lebanon, Cyprus and the Former Yugoslavia.

Kilkenny Industrial Development Company Ltd

A community, non-profit making organisation, whose objective is to promote industrial interest in the city, market and promote Kilkenny as a prime industrial location. Another role is to finance and manage the development of an advance factory.

Kilkenny Community Action Network KCAN

Established in 1994 to counter marginalisation and exclusion in Kilkenny. KCAN's role is to enable structures and processes to be established so that ongoing responses can be developed to tackle social exclusion rather than act as a delivery agent for programmes and services.

The geographical sectors that KCAN works with are Hebron Park, O'Loughlin Court, Bishop Birch, Newpark Close and LARC. Groups include the travelling community and the disability interest group. Specific projects which have been developed in collaboration with other agencies include : Kilkenny Youth Lynx, Kilkenny Child Care Project, Kilkenny Women's Network.


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