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The Kilkenny Climate

The County of Kilkenny is located in the sunniest region of Ireland, colloquially known as the 'Sunny South East'. Kilkenny City lies near the centre of the county and is surrounded by an almost unbroken ring of hills over 200m high. This gives it a somewhat sheltered location, removed of maritime influence and because of this, it is nationally renowned for its extremes of temperature.

Continuous meteorological observations and measurements began in Kilkenny in May 1957 when the Meteorological Station was established. Before this, standard rainfall and temperature measurements were taken at Kilkenny Castle between the period 1886 to 1900. During this period, on 26th June 1887, the highest air temperature ever recorded in Ireland was logged, when the thermometer shot up to 33.3 C (92 °F).

The Met. Station closed down in 2008 but since then official measurements of rainfall and temperature have continued at climatological stations at Kilkenny City, Mount Juliet near Thomastown (closed in 2015) and at Kildalton College near Piltown in the south of the county. The tradition of records continues, however. Ground frost can be recorded at any month of the year, and for two years' running, 2013 and 2014, the climatological station in the city recorded more ground frosts than any of the other 100 or so stations in the country.

The mean annual rainfall (1981-2010) of 874mm is much less than that of the west and south of the country but is just a little wetter than the Dublin area (the driest part of Ireland).

On average Kilkenny gets around 190 days with some measurable rainfall but very wet days of over 25mm are rare. Kilkenny experiences an average of 4 days per year with snow lying, 9 days per year with hail, and 5 days per year with thunderstorms.

Like the rest of the country, the climate of Kilkenny has changed considerably in recent decades - becoming warmer and a little wetter.

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