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In the April 2011 Census County Kilkenny (including Kilkenny City) had a population of 95,419, consisting of 47,788 males and 47,631 females.

The population of pre-school age (0-4) was 7,501, of primary school going age (5-12) was 10,962 and of secondary school going age (13-18) was 7,843.

There were 11,690 persons aged 65 years and over. The number of persons aged 18 years or over was 70,404.

Marital Status

Of the 74,219 persons aged 15 years and over, 28,759 were single, 37,503 were married, 2,284 were separated, 1,639 were divorced and 4,034 were widowed.

Living Arrangements

There were 33,679 private households in Kilkenny in April 2011, of which 7,318 were single person households. Of the 25,040 families in the area, 7,075 were couples with no children. The average number of children per family was 1.4 compared with 1.4 nationally.

Household Composition

One Person

No. of households


% breakdown


% breakdown


Couple without children6,49519.318.9
Couple with children13,07138.834.9
Lone parent family3,45110.210.9

Migration and Nationalities

94.2 per cent of the usually resident population aged over 1 lived at the same address one year before the census.

A further 3.3 per cent lived elsewhere in the same county, 1.8 per cent lived elsewhere in the State while 0.7 per cent lived outside the State twelve months before the census on April 10, 2011.

Non-Irish nationals accounted for 8.8 per cent of the population of Kilkenny compared with a national average figure of 12.0 per cent. UK nationals (2,412 persons) were the largest group, followed by Polish (2,177 persons).


38,619 persons could speak the Irish language and of these 13,453 spoke the language daily. 7,544 persons spoke a language other than Irish or English at home and of these 1,455 could not speak English well or at all. Polish was the most common foreign language spoken at home with 2,113 speakers.


There were 84,448 Roman Catholics in the area at census time. A further 6,048 were adherents of other stated religions (e.g. Church of Ireland, Islam, Presbyterian, Orthodox), while 3,863 persons indicated that they had no religion.

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